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Online sale of the 1986 Fiat Uno Turbo on disguise of an Audi

The award winning model 205 from Peugeot’s along with the Fiat Uno which was considered to be the best of the make superminis that made it to the roads of Europe at the 1980s. Both the models have prided on the roads of Europe with just some minor changes for over a decade and it cannot be denied at any cost. This work of perfection by ItalDesign of Giorgetto Giugiaro on the Fiat Uno is now in the safe hands of the perpetually growing automaker which is the Volkswagen Group.

The engine of the Fiat Uno commonly known as the Uno Turbo has the capacity of 1.4 liter and is turbocharged with four cylinders producing a horse power of 105 during the launch and 118 HP at the flagship variant of the refreshed model. On comparison with other hot hatches, the Fiat Uno was made to undergo numerous changes both with the design and performance. So change is not a new word for the Fiat Uno as it has been on other such bizarre outfits. But the article is to present something beyond the changes, so go ahead and read.

A car dealer from Poland has launched a sale online on the Fiat Uno Turbo of 1986 which sports three door and is of the hatch model which has been commented to something that resembles an Audi, as the owner has transformed to his Seat Alhambra MPV to look more like the one of the Ingolstadt unlike the classy way that one can expect.

The owner has put up the car with the Audi A3 face at the front and the body kit with origins unknown and wide with the tail lights from Fiat Coupe and the bumper at the rear from the Audi TT coupe of the 1st generation.

The sale of the assembled car is for the price of 7,900 PLN, which is to cost about the 2,015 in Euros or close to 2,900 in US dollars.

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