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Norris designs a luxury car for Pininfarina though intended for 2012 Fiat Coupe

With the Fiat Coupe being axed off in 2000, the Fiat is yet to market a new one for its brand to sport the coupe model. Peter Norris of Britain who is a designer has been involved with a brand new concept that is to bring a spanking new sports car of the future for the brand Fiat. However the car is not be the successor of the Fiat Coupe that we all know which is affordable as it is to be pinned with the badge of the Pininfarina, they by a strong signal to show that it’s a luxurious car and not going to be anyway near economical.

The concept that is evolved by Norris for the car is the rear wheel drive system with the engine in the front which is to deliver the strong message that it is Italian thoroughbred. The model is quoted to succeed the RWD Fiat Dino of the 1960’s from the layout of the drive train though it is easy for anyone to think that is a successor of the FWD Fiat Coupe of the 1990’s whose designer was Chris Bangle.

The profile of the brand new sports coupe is sleek and is to sport a roofline that is very low as to give a feeling to its wheels to be colossal. The arches in its wheels make it look huge and aggressive, and the modern day look as that of Ashton Martin is obtained at the front end from the bumper that is upright along with the shape of the headlights. The C -shaped LED lights and the exhaust pipes that is located centrally at the rear provides the look of elegance to the coupe.

The sports car is quoted to be a reboot of the old model Coupe from Fiat and is to represent a model for today on the start of the project. However Peter Norris who is the ex-owner of the Fiat Coupe has switched his plans for the luxury sports car after halfway through his study and hence the reason for the change of the badge name in the car to be Pininfarina.

Norris, on an exclusive interview with the Carbody Design told that he had a Fiat Coupe 16v Turbo which had frequent breakdowns that had cost him much on repairs and he did not want to give up on it and every time a similar one passes by, it makes him turn his head that way.

The Italian flair of Pininfarina is sprinkled all over the car as the styling at its interiors is done with the Italian touch like its exteriors. The brand new sports car has been described as the ‘Baby Ferrari’. As Norris was sketching the idea for the Fiat coupe of 2012 in 3d at the beginning of the project, he felt a strong desire to build something more powerful and luxurious at the same time and the curiosity of a sports car by Pininfarina made his ideas evolve with more vigor.

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