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Nissan Says Subcompact Buyers Opt for Substance Over Style with 2012 Versa

Nissan recently revealed their new 2012 Versa sedan at the 2011 NY Auto Show. The media, however paid less attention to this sedan, a fact that was expected by Nissan, who were quite unfazed by it. This is due to the fact that they projected the sales of this sedan to be dictated by interior space and practicality, instead of sportiness or styling.

The VP of Nissan’s Coporate Communications, David Reuter, stated that though the Fiesta may be getting all the press coverage, this (car) is what will be selling. They were up by 20 per cent in 2010. Their competitors have surely gone for styling and sportiness, but this is not what today’s buyers want. Subcompact buyers are looking for roomy and dependable cars, which have great fuel economy. They also want more specs and features without spending a fortune to on it.

While most people will still disagree with this, Nissan sure seems to know its stuff. Last year, the company, managed to sell 99,705 hatchbacks and Versa sedans. Their closest competitor in this segment was the Honda Fit, which managed to sell 54,354 units, while the Hyundai Accent sold 51,975 units, followed by Chevrolet’s Aveo selling 48,623 units.

With these figures to back Nissan’s theory that buyers of subcompact vehicles opt for substance compared to style, the new sedan from Versa surely deserves a second chance. While it still looks like your average car, it has a price tag of just $10,990 and greater legroom, which makes it more attractive.

This new sedan is powered by the 1.6 liter second generation four cylinder HR16DE engine, which delivers 109 hp and 107 pounds feet of torque. American consumers will also be able to choose between a manual 5 speed tranmission in the 1.6 S model and the latest Xtronic CVT transmission. Going by the interior space and the price tag, the media looks like that they will soon be reconsidering their decision to ignore the Versa.

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