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Nissan Reports a Drop in Global Sales Figure with Low demands in US and Europe

Big bounties fallen in the pockets of Japanese carmakers like Honda, Toyota and Mazda while Nissan failed to tap the market into its hefty topline.

Chief Executive, Carlos Ghosn, said in a statement, Nissan performance in the third quarter did not meet our expectations,” and we too agree with same, as organization reported a global drop of 35% comparing at YoY basis.

Ghosn continued that, “This was primarily the result of difficult operating conditions in Europe for the entire auto industry, in China for Japanese automakers, and in the U.S. for Nissan.”

Nissan Reports a Drop in Global Sales Figure with Low demands in US and Europe
It is pretty much clear that Japanese are exclusively upset with US performance as their crossover SUV Rogue failed to make its mark. However, revamped Altima had proven a strong player as shown sufficient positive cribs on the report paper.

Getting details of the whole clout, it surfaced that Nissan Motor Co. numbers had dropped at 54.1 billion yen ($580 million) which is still more than its expected low point of 51.8 billion yen.

Total figure of cars that rolled in calendar 2012 from this badge is 4.94 million, an increase of 5.8 as compared to 2011, can still be termed satisfactory to an extent.

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