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Nissan planning for another Nurburgring record run with its 2013 GT-R

Nissan is planning for another record break at Nurburgring. According to a report from Truth About Cars, the company is quite confident that the changes that it made in the car is more than enough to push the car through the Nurburgring track inside the record time. According to Chief Engineer, Kazutoshi Mizuno, there is a bit of margin in the car’s current track record of about 7 min and 18 seconds. The record is about 5 sec less than the unofficial time by Dodge Viper ACR. But Nissan has gathered something special on their sleeves.

The company has leashed a new track edition that Mizuno claims, can complete the whole track in just under seven minutes. The car uses the same engine as its production version, but lacks full interior to save some of the curb weight. Another addition is the super sticky rubber Dunlop on all four corners. However, the car is not legal in Japan as it doesn’t support the 112 mph speed limiter. But then also most of the auto enthusiast will be egger to see its performance on the track.

Nissan planning for another Nurburgring record run with its 2013 GT-R

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