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New Texas speed limit of 85 mph causes much controversy

Soon Texas will be having the fastest road in the US according to the Associated Press, the 41 mile toll road between Seguin and Austin will have a speed limit of about 85 mph when it opens up in November.

While ‘Don’t mess with Texas’ is still the best statement on the bumpers of the lone star state, the new speed limit is already raising some concerns. Russ Rader, spokesman for Insurance Institute for Highway Safety said it is a researched the topic that if the speed is increased the fatalities will also be increased. While higher speed may assist to get commuters faster to their homes, it may cause more crashes and accidents. But Texas Transportation Commission Spokeswomen, Veronica Beyer, has different views. She said that safety is their top priority and they have conducted tests to conclude that the designated speed is the safer one.

New Texas speed limit of 85 mph causes much controversy

Some other states are likely to put some tests suits to raise the speed on their roads. CEO of the Eno Center for transportation, Koshua Schank told that the higher speed limits on toll roads are likely to be raised as the federal funding for the roads are drying up. As more states tune into toll roads, they may provide premium services with higher speed limits.

Regardless of the speed limit of your home town, it is not difficult to find cars that can perform well in the crash tests. Full size trucks like Toyota Tundra, Honda Ridgeline and Ford F-150 are all IIHS top safety picks and the small cars like Ford Focus, Honda Fit and Chevrolet Cruz earned the same rating from the IIHS. The frontal crash test represented by the IIHS takes place at 40mph, so it is not quite how an 85 mph crash will look like.

Safety features like forward collision warning and auto braking system will help avoid crash if the traffic suddenly comes to halt. Forward collision is optional on SUVs and cars like Chevrolet Equinox, Ford Explorer, Chrysler 300, Toyota Prius and it comes as standard equipment in Hyundai Equus. Volvo provides auto braking system as standard in most of its vehicles like S60, S80, XC70 and XC60, these vehicles are capable of applying brakes at speeds up to 19 mph. This will not so any good on 85 mph road, but if you add it with any of the collision warning system then it could also act on the higher speeds.

Whether you think 84 mph is too fast or slow basically depends upon your behavior behind the steering wheels. SH 130 concession co. Spokesman, Chris Lippincott, told Associated press that on any road driver holds the main key for safety, which is purely based on the traffic, capabilities of the vehicle and travel conditions.

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