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NASA study of Toyota Acceleration Case flawed

Plaintiffs in the Toyota might prove the NASA study wrong, so says the report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). NASA’s study reviewed only 280,000 of 8 million lines of code in Toyota’s electronic system, this according to plaintiffs, also reported is that Tin-Whiskers are a probable cause in the failure of 3 commercial satellites.

The report by NASA stated that the issues related to the accelerator faced by Toyota owners were caused by floor mat jams, driver error aor sticking pedals.

The reports provided details based on studies on 9 vehicles for the past 10 months and no defects were found on those.

The 1st of such acceleration related cases is slated for hearing in 2013, and a US District Court Judge posted off late that the first 2 trials would be involving a Toyota Camry and the company’s Electronic throttle system.

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