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Mugen Euro about to build new version of Honda CR-Z Hybrid

One of the biggest problems with the Honda CR-Z Hybrid is a missing performance version. This problem might soon be launched by Mugen’s European division that is working on the car to deliver a version that is highly tuned and has “Type R-like” performance features.

The enhanced version of the Honda CR-Z Hybrid is being launched as a joint venture by Honda UK and Mugen Euro and will be making its debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this July. The Honda Company claims that this car is going to be speedy hybrid providing the driver more torque, power and MUGEN’s experiencing of working with Honda cars.

The company claims that the Honda CR-Z Hybrid’s enhanced version will sport a 1.5liter i-VTEC petrol engine and Honda IMA system to boost power and torque. Changes like these will also help the car attain mileage and decrease the CO2 emissions.

Among other performance upgrades the car has been provided with bespoken brakes, tuned suspension also the Mugen Company is supposed to use lightweight elements like Carbon fiber to lower the total mass of the car. Reports are that Mugen will add new body kits to the Honda CR-Z Hybrid with new front and rear bumpers along with improved aerodynamics.

The reason behind this upgrade is the Honda Company’s intention to make the car available for fun driving and at the same time being energy efficient and a powerhouse. The company claims that the electric motor is a means of boosting performance and economy. The car at this stage is only a prototype and has not seen the light of the day at the manufacturing unit.

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