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Mitsubishi Puts An End To All The Speculations About Evo’s Death Via Facebook

Mitsubishi, the Japanese automobile company has stated through its face book page that the successor of the current model of Mitsubishi lancer Evo, Evo X may be remodeled as per the market regulation and feedback.

Some spokesperson from the company said that Lancer Evolution is being produced as usual and the engineering and architecture of its successor will depend on the feedback generated from the market.

The above statement indicates that a succesor is in line but it also sugests that  a hybrid powertrain may be a component in the next generation Evo.As for now the words ‘regulation’ and ‘market feedback’ may evoke a little anxiety.

The news about the production of the evo being stopped was started because of a belief of their own, that the electric vehicle technology and something different than the rally bred performance of the past was feasible for the coming age. As explained by Gayu Eusegi, the global product director of Mitsubishi in a recent interview, the high efficiency and the high performance of the Evo would confuse the customers.

The only posing question is whether a hybrid sedan more efficient in emission rather than rallying skills deserves to bear the name Evo XI badge.

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