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Mercedes Benz C63 gives competition to BMW M3

In accordance to previous speculations the Mercedes Company has finally revealed its new high performance variant of the C-Class coupe. This car is taken to be the company’s answer to BMW’s 420HP M3 and Audi’s 450HP RS5, it is built along the same lines as the 2012 version of C63 AMG saloon and carries the clichéd Mercedes 6.2liter aspirated V8 engine. It can be safely assumed that Mercedes have built a BMW M3 basher.

The engine for the C63 AMG Coupe is going to be available in two variants

  • The basic one will provide 457HP and a 600Nm peak torque in EU-spec. For the US model power provided will be 451HP and torque will be 443 lb-ft, acceleration is 0-100km/hr in 4.5seconds with a top speed of 250km/hr.
  • The AMG Development package provides an engine output of 487HP in EU-spec and 481HP in the US model with an acceleration of 0-100km/hr in 4.4seconds and a top speed of 280km/hr.

The transmission type for the C63 AMG Coupe is available only in one type; the AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7-speed automatic provides several control modes that include Controlled Efficiency “S”, “S+”, “C” and “M” modes. All these modes have been selected by the rotary control that features in the Gullwing Model of the SLS AMG, the company claims that gear change between the “M” and “S+” modes take only 100milliseconds, couple that with the RACE START facility the driver has a new vista to explore about the engine’s capability.

This race centric model possesses a customized chassis along with a split 3 link suspension at the front, a wider track at the two ends and reinforced multilinked independent rear suspension. The car has all round negative camber and larger cross sectioned anti roll bars. Three stage ESP (Sports, On and Off) and composite braking systems constitute the high performance braking system of the car.

The styling for this car is impressive again as can be expected from any make of the Mercedes Company. The interiors have a set of body hugging sports seats with integral head restraints and unique trim, it has a power steering with flattened top and bottom sections that has been derived from the CLS 63 AMG.

This newcomer contains a new bodykit as compared to its siblings, this includes a carbon fiber boot, front splitter and rear diffuser in addition to modified aluminum bonnet and LED daytime running lights that are AMG specific. The car has 18inch alloys on which are fitted 255/35 R 18 (rear) and 235/40 R 18 (front) tires. The car will be launched in Europe in July 2011with the German price set at 72,590pounds, it will see its US debut in September 2011.

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One Response

  1. The C63 AMG coupé produces up to 480bhp from its normally aspirated V8 motor, putting it well clear of its two German rivals and giving the model raw acceleration that wouldn’t disgrace a mid-engined supercar.
    Unlike the recent CLS AMG, the C-class coupé from Mercedes’ in-house tuning division sticks with the familiar 6.2-litre, normally aspirated V8 engine. In the latest spec, the unit produces 451bhp and 61.24kgm, more power and considerably more torque than the BMW (40.78kgm) or the Audi (43.82kgm). That’s enough to take the C-class from 100kph in 4.5sec, with a limited top speed of 250kph.


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