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McLaren confirms its GT Can-Am Edition for production

After the successful debut of the off design study at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, McLaren has confirmed its plans for the limited edition of its track based 12C GT Can-Am Edition at an exclusive event held before the 2012 US Grand Prix. The limited edition model will be a tribute to the Denny Hulme and Bruce McLaren who raced a series of McLaren models successfully at the Can-Am series. They claimed a series of championship trophies for the Bruce McLaren racing

Race car manufacturing unit of the McLaren McLaren GT will be producing about 30 models of 12C GT Can-Am Edition. The vehicle is being branded as the ultimate race car, and will not be subjected to the rules and regulations that govern the racecar, 12C GT3 on which it will be based upon. Each of the special edition cars will be powered by the unrestricted version of the 3. Litre twin turbo V8 engine tweaked with distinctive engine tuning and optimized cooling system that will allow it for a power output of about 630hp, this will be making the 12C GT Can-Am Edition the most powerful 12C that ever made its way to the road.

McLaren confirms its GT Can-Am Edition for production
The peculiar look of the 12C GT Can-Am is quite dominated by the carbon fiber rear wing. This wing creates a unique high downforce aerodynamic package that has been installed by the McLaren using the formula 1 technology and simulation. This method increases the downforce by about 30percentage. In addition to the downforce, the carbon fiber components also enhance the styling without contributing to the weight. These components include the door mirror mounts and covers, radiator intake vent, engine cover vents, badges and sill covers. To complement with the existing looks, the vehicle has been awarded with the satin finished forged light weight alloy wheels and racing tires from Pirelli.

Like the 12C and 12C spider, the 12C GT Can-Am Edition also is based on the same carbon fiber MonoCell chassis and also comes with FIA approved race-specification rollcage. In the cockpit, you would find two black racing seats, distinct McLaren GT steering wheel and full six point harnesses inherited directly from the 12C GT3 race car. However, the shape and the design of the steering wheel has been derived from the Formula one race car. An integrated motorsport AC system has been provided in order to allow for racer comfort.

McLaren confirms its GT Can-Am Edition for production
The 12C GT Can-Am buyers will also be able to enjoy the benefit from the bespoke support packages form McLaren GT. Managing Director of McLaren GT, Andrew Kirkadly said that the 12C Can-Am Edition concept revealed as the Pebble Beach this year purely an off-design study. He also said that reaction and response to the concept was overwhelming, this really gives the positive testimonial for the McLaren GT customer team this year.

He continued that the Can-Am holds quite important place in the legacy of the McLaren brand and the early race cars of Denny Hulme and Bruce McLaren were fantastic machines. The revelation of the 12C GT should be seen as the resurrection of those glorious years. The 12C GT Can-Am Edition will be limited as a production car. The company is planning to sell not more than 30 cars in total and each car will be costing around 375,000 pounds. Each of these cars will be built at the new home of the McLaren GT at Woking. The production of the 12C GT Can-Am Edition will be starting from the March next year.

McLaren confirms its GT Can-Am Edition for production

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