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Mazda to augment production capacity in Mexico

Mazda has decided to augment fabrication at its New Mexico facility during the financial year ending March 2016.

The company declared that it will make an investment of around $650 million with the aim to boost fabrication at its latest facility in Mexico, which is being established in Guanajuato. The car manufacturer proposes to enhance fabrication from the early capacitance of 140,000 cars to 230,000 cars until the financial year ending March 2016.

The said $650 million investment comprises $150 million for tools to construct 180,000 Mazda vehicles and $500 million beforehand declared to be expended for facilities.

Mazda to augment production capacity in Mexico
As per the plan, the plant will be opened during January-March next year and the opening capacitance of the said plant will be 140,000 units. The New Mexico facility will manufacture the Mazda2 sub-compact and Mazda3 compact vehicles for the South, Central and North American zones.

During summertime of the year 2015, the facility will also start making around 50,000 sub-compact Toyota Motor Corp cars, as per Toyota and Mazda declarations during November.

As per Mazda spokesperson, Toyota will make a separate investment for the equipment prices essential for developing its cars.

Several car manufacturers, comprising Mazda, have declared their proposals to fabricate in New Mexico facility, lower-cost production facilities to produce small vehicles for the North American market.

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