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Maserati goes for matte finish in its exclusive Limited Edition GranTurismo S

It has become a common feature for most sports and luxury car makers to come out with limited edition and special models that one is expected to lose count at the number of such units that are produced even within a month. However, time and again these automakers can spring a surprise by giving such a different look to these special models that is bound to catch your eye.

Maserati showcased a special limited edition GranTurismo S car at the Motor show in Bologna this December. Only twelve units of this car have been produced to mark the 150th year of the unification of Italy. This car has been offered with a beautiful matte finish. Unique exterior features provided to the car include carbon spoilers at its front as well as rear. Even the door handles and side mirrors have been laced with carbon. The headlamps and the side skirts are in matte black with 20-inch black rims and polished aluminum used in the brake calipers.

Maseratti goes for matte finish in its exclusive Limited Edition GranTurismo S Providing a car with a matte finish is a trend that is finding great acceptability these days and has become prevalent over the last few years in an effort to offer the consumers with customized cars. However, this technique has been restricted in usage only to very limited auto makers owing to the significant difficulty that one faces to maintain such a finish. Even paint companies have over the years struggled to decipher a solution to the delicate matte finishes that cannot be polished further. Ferrari first tried out this technique in its concept vehicle the 599 that was displayed having regenerative braking along with a fabulous looking green matte finish. This vehicle was showcased at the Motor Show in Geneva in the year 2010. In the very next year, at this common platform itself, Alfa Romeo unveiled its concept car, the 4C. This vehicle came with a highly tempting red matte finish. The attempt by Maserati at the Motor Show in Bologna is the third among all leading car manufacturers of the world to come out with a matte finish on the vehicles.

Coming back to the limited edition GranTurismo S, the twelve cars have been specifically designed only for sale in Italy only as it is the celebration of 150 years of this nation. Hence, the car has been characterized by its excellent trim levels along with unique features.

The Exteriors:

The exterior of this limited edition GranTurismo S has been provided with matte Sebring Blue that effectively displays the elegant lines of the vehicle but at the same time also highlights the sporty aggression of the car. Effective usage of carbon further emphasizes these characteristics particularly in its rear and front spoilers, door handles and side mirrors. Hand-polished aluminum has been used to make its brake calipers that effectively stand out below its 20-inch rims. Matte black painting has been done on its side skirts and its headlamps also. This has given the car a more aggressive look.

Maseratti goes for matte finish in its exclusive Limited Edition GranTurismo S

The Interiors:

The interiors of this limited edition GranTurismo S is a perfect combination of elegance and sportiness. This gets expressed in a perfect manner that is exhibited through a strong usage of elements that is commonly seen in its MC Stradale variant. Here also, a strong emphasis in the usage of carbon elements is seen in all its instruments as well as dashboard controls along with the central tunnel.

Maserati GranTurismos interiorThe car also adequately highlights the aspect for which it has been designed. You are definitely going to notice the special identity given to this car through the distinct Centocinquantenario (which means 150th anniversary) plate marking the Unification of Italy. This has been placed on the base of its central console.

Maserati has not come out in the open about the pricing of this limited edition GranTurismo S. However, it can be easily foreseen that the exclusive occasion for which the car has been designed along with the limited 12 numbers of such cars manufactured would mean that this car has already been sold to certain prominent buyers.

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