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Lexus GS350: Review

Lexus has come out with its new GS350 sports sedan with the claim that it is going to be a completely different offering from its erstwhile version. We decided to take a look at the vehicle to try and identify whether it is indeed a completely revamped version, as per the claims of its maker.

The Exteriors:

The exterior of the Lexus GS350 does indicate that there have been a lot of changes given to it. In line with most new cars that are coming up in the sports sedan segment, the 2013 GS350 has its headlamps surrounded by LED flourishes (LED headlights have been kept optional). The vehicle has also been given a small dosage of chrome along with an aggressive front fascia. The wheelbase of the 2011 version has been retained but the vehicle increases both in length and width by 0.7-inch. This is the first vehicle that has come with Lexus’s latest L-finesse styling, hence looks a lot different from the existing Lexus models.

Lexus GS350

The Riding Comfort:

Though the Lexus GS350 comes with a new aggressive attitude, it has not given up the traditional aspects of practicality and riding comfort that one always relates to models from Lexus. The front suspension has been lightened with the knuckles and control arms being made from aluminium. The rear shocks and springs have been separated thereby accommodating greater boot space. Travelling on the car a short distance makes one realise that the car has greater elasticity and compliance. You will not hear much sound from the road or the chassis but the engine volumes have increased. This growling sound liven the experience of driving without losing out on the refinement.

Lexus GS350

The Power Mechanism:

The engine of the Lexus GS350 is a 3.5L V6 fitted with dual-direct & port-fuel injection from Toyota. It gains nominally both on the power and torque fronts recording 306Hp & 277lb-ft respectively. Reaching 60mph takes 5.6 seconds.

The Interiors:

If you want to drive in an environment of comfort, the Lexus GS350 could prove just the car you desire. The chairs are comfortable, the accommodation is spacious, and the front-seat passengers are welcomed with an artistically decorated interior. The rear-seat passengers have also been given equal royal treatment with supportive seats as well as good legroom space. The biggest change in the instrument panel is an analog clock replacing the outdated Lexus trademark digital piece. Entertainment is ensured by the massive screen of 12.3-inch. The Bluetooth connection provided can be paired with your smartphone to give you access to all latest apps in your car itself.

Lexus GS350 interior

Safety features:

Safety of the passengers has been given a very strong impetus by the manufacturer of the Lexus GS350. The car comes to you with a firmer suspension, the front brakes at 14-inch have been made larger, shocks can be electronically controlled and the wheels are retained at 19-inch. Four-wheel as well as variable-ratio steering come optional and can provide better stability. However, the conventional two-wheel steering is fun to work with and responds to your command well.

Lexus GS350

The Money involved:

The buyers have been given the option of choosing between the base models of the Lexus GS350 or they can go for the Luxury and the F-Sport variants. An all-wheel drive model is also going to be made available during its launch. Though the manufacturer is yet to determine prices, it is expected that the base model is going to start a little below $50,000. The Luxury variant can be yours at $55,000 whereas the Hybrid and F-Sport models could command a price around $60,000. The Lexus GS350 certainly seems to have lived up to its promise of coming across as a completely different vehicle from its erstwhile model.

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