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Lamborghini comes with excess Baggage now

Lamborghini cars are known to be very impractical ones and to be used only when the time and weather conditions are just right. However, here is a Lamborghini which can be used on an everyday basis. Oh! this one can also be anywhere you want. This is no super car or hyper one for that matter. It is actually a Carbon fiber luggage bag. Shouldn’t we call it as taking the use of carbon fiber all too seriously?

The manufacturing process of this bags would take place in Italy and would be designed by in-house Lamborghini designers. The entire collection of the Lambo bags would contain one messenger bag, overnight bag and also an envelope bag. Brass and leather have been used extensively whereas for the inner felt, there is clothing from carbon fiber and cotton has been used for the lining. Stephan Winkelmann, Lamborghini CEO, said that like their cars, the bags are supposed to be a rare thing and collectors item. Almoset all of the Lamborghini show rooms as also boutiques would have this bags on display by this fall. Needless to

say, Lamborghini innovations come with a price and maybe a heavy one at this. Imagine $1209 for the envelope bag, $1494 for the messenger one and approximately $2063 for the overnight bag.

Lamborghini Baggage

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