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Is there a modern day Renault Alpine on the cards?

For years, a rear wheel driven sports car from Renault, that’s affordable too and boasting of the Alpine Moniker is yet to arrive in the market. The earlier model A610 released in the middle of 1990 is still waiting for a successor. After wrapping up the production of A610, the company utilized the factory of Alpine for manufacturing Renault Sport Spider.

It is a street regal with 2 seats and a mid engine in the rear side. It also is the firm’s last sports car that’s a bespoke. Till David Cardoso many designers have been designing concept studies to make a new Alpine Coupe. The designer has commented on his design by saying that it is a new interpretation of Renault Alpine A110 and id similar to the concept of that car. This car has also been recommended as a competitor for Nissan 370Z.

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