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Is Jeep Targeting A Diesel Wrangler For The U.S. Market?

Every off roader and 4X4 fanatic must have carved for a diesel Land Rover Defender. Even though they are in vogue, the high maintenance cost and their high price tags do act as a deterrent. But then the American equivalent is on its way, with the new Jeep Wrangler diesel variant.

Outside U.S., Jeep has been selling diesel models for years now and at times the Grand Cherokee has also been sold in the U.S. in its diesel variant. But due to the low horsepower of the diesel engines and the common dislike for diesel cars has not helped the cause of diesel products much. However all that is to change very soon, as the focus shifts to fuel economy and the emission standards of the United States and Europe become similar.

The same engines which were slated to be fitted to the RAM 1500: Cummins are going to power the diesel Wranglers. Fitting these engines into the Wranglers should not be of any problem both from the engineering and the cost point of view. However Jeep’s new overlord Fiat might also think of procuring diesel engines from VM Motori, a company that has a wide array of diesel engines. Fiat also happens to own a stake in this firm. This arrangement seems likely as the European version of the Grand Cherokee is also slated to be fitted with VM Motori diesel engines.

If the diesel Grand Cherokee and Wrangler find acceptance with the buyers then perhaps we might get to see the return of the long awaited Jeep pick-up as well.

All in all it is a win-win situation for the Jeep aficionados.

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One Response

  1. If they finally get the diesel to our shores, they will have me as a customer again. I loved my YJ 4.2 Litre but the fuel economy was horrible. At $1.50 a litre in British Columbia, the price of driving is too high.

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