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Infinity Etherea Concept, preview and features for the Geneva Motor Show

The Infinity Company has got its new model the Etherea lined up for its preview at the Geneva Motor Show next month. It is a new compact concept performance oriented car positioned below the G-Line.

The car is similar to the corporate partner Renault small car lines and has a touch of the Essence concept. This car maybe taken as competition to the BMW and Mercedes vehicles of the same genre.

The car is a five door hatchback and marks the entry of Japan into the compact luxury segment. The Etherea is a 4.4m long combination of a sedan, coupe and a hatchback.

It incorporates the styling cues from the Essence sports cars including the blurry shaped front grille design. Technical aspects to this car include the rumored presence of a 1.8 liter turbo 4 cylinder engine.

Since this car is still a concept not much can be accurately said about its features till its official launch on March. This car has got the looks and the performance, so basically it lives up to the hype that circles around it.

The combination of a streamlined structure of a sedan and the muscle look of hatchback makes this car more than just a luxury car. It is like a part of the elite group that provides complete customer satisfaction.

Considering this the Infinity Etherea is one car to keep note of during the Geneva Motor Show this March, more features to be known after the official launch.

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