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Ideas for a perfect driver’s car – Article on the Auto car Magazine

The lesson learnt from the specialized publication of Autocar is that no car is perfect as all cars are said to have their own flaws with or without the consideration of the cost of the cars. The British have unleashed its creativity by drawing from a perspective of an architect along with specification of ideal set of wheels for a driver. Steve Sutcliffe who is one of the editors of the Autocar has portrayed an image of his dreams that he calls it a perfect car.  The important constituents of his dream are a two-seater with an open-top possessing a mid-engine layout that has rear-wheel-drive system and weighs less than 1,000 kg (2,204 lbs) and with an affordable price of 35,000 pounds or 56,800 in US dollars.

The complexities of the cars produced today are on the increase with the technology growing at rapid speeds enabling new designs and engineering techniques. But on the other end, the desire for a simple sports car that is easy to handle at all situations and fun to drive with your beloved seems to be the yearnings of a humble man as per the thoughts of Sutcliffe.

On further investigation of his thoughts, it was revealed that he wishes the British Sportscars 1 which in short is called the BS1 to offer driver and performance appeal for the expensive cars that is usually twice its worth and that offers a Le Mans type of feel. To start off with the requirements, the model should provide a lot of torque with no ESP and a perfect gear box that is of paddle shift. Totally the car should be a piece of irresistible cake with all the features like low, beautiful, wide and hot for the car lovers.

The next level of imagination extends with the BS1 having a chassis with space frame that is made up of aluminum and steel, the body panels of the car are to made of glass that is fiber reinforced plastic along with carbon fiber. The mid mounted engine is to be a V6 turbo diesel engine that is turbocharged from Volkswagen as to produce a horse power of 250 and peak torque of 475 Nm. The race to reach 100 kilometers per hour which in other terms is 65 miles per hour from the start speed zero should take not less than 4.5 seconds. The top speed that could be achieved by the car is to be around 147 miles per hour which is 236 kilometers per hour.

The average fuel consumption rating should be 4.7 liters/100 km which is 50 miles per gallon in U.S. with the carbon dioxide emission rating to be 199 grams per kilometer.

The feature editor of Autocar, Jamie Corstorphine comments on the renderings of the Sutcliffe that he liked it very much in a way that he would be first on the queue to get one of the cars if the blue prints are to go into production by any chance. He also said the Sutcliffe had a lot of work upfront to cut down the weight of the car to below 1000 kg and to hold a price tag of 35000 pounds.

Criticism could be never be out of any deed done during the day, one such with the article of Sutcliffe is that how could the world’s perfect car have a diesel engine? Keeping wondering!

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