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How was the new Batmobile designed?

The mystery about the super cool batman’s toy has been unleashed. Gone are those days when you keep on dreaming – “what is the science that goes into making of the Batman’s Batmobile?” Checkout what it takes to make – the stunning Tumbler.

After the inspiration from military vehicles, the director Christopher and production designer Nathan Crowley came up with a design, which was a fusion of a hummer and a Lamborghini. The Batpod, which is so-called as the Batman’s toy, was designed in a garage in Los Angeles.

It is loaded with the three different sorts of customized camouflage ‘Tumbler’- one with a swiveling turret gun, another with a guided missile launcher and a third with a gun.  The ‘Tumblur’ name signifies its ability to jump and tumble. The director removed the front axle, so that the bike’s wheels can be held from the side. Six monster truck tyres were used to provide stability to the Batmobile with the intention of performing many stunts.

How was the new Batmobile designed?


  • Weight: 2½ tonnes
  • Fuel: Regular Unleaded
  • Speed: 0 – 100 (in five seconds) and 169 (top speeds)
  • Three guns on each side: Blast cannon, Grappling gun and Machine gun
  • No Foot Stand: A Self – Righting Bike
  • Body: Lightweight Carbon Fiber

The bat is controlled by a special support vehicle, which requires three people to operate it – one to move it up and down, one to move it side to side, and one to drive it.

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