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How to choose safe and best rental cars

Whatever your need might be for renting a car, ranging from a personal get together or a business appointment you must always check few things in order to get the best car from the options available to you.

You must first make sure that all these cars are safe, as this is the prime factor of concern. With rental cars there is no guarantee that a brand new one will be safer than an old one, anything can be possible with such unknown rides. So what you must have is a selection procedure to get the safest and best car.

Few rental cars do not include the essential safety requirements and might not b equally safe as you might want your personal car to be like. Following are the factors you must keep in mind to make sure that your choice for a rental car is safe and sound:

  • Check safety ratings, if the company website does not provide information about a specific model, you must call up the company and gather relevant information. You can even check with IIHS and NHTSA to see how a model fares.
  • Verify that the car has features like stability control, anti-lock brakes and side airbags, you must always check under the hood of the car you want to rent. Check with other people about more information on the model and do look out for the SRS emblem to verify the side bags.
  • Do not rent a tipsy vehicle, even though you might find a taller car easier to handle try opting for ones with low ride height to help you maneuver through quick turns and other tricky situations. Don’t choose any cars that are under the three star mark at the federal ratings.

  • Chose a model with proper visibility, never op for cars that provide less visibility while driving as this is the most important factor for your safety. Check the condition of the windscreen and make sure that the car does not provide too many visibility related issues while driving at unknown locations.
  • If you are in doubt don’t go with the smallest and cheapest option, if you feel that larger vehicles cost more on maintenance and other driving related costs, then don’t go for a very small car as this might cut your safety short. Try going for midsized car, these vehicles provide a nice combination of safety and driving economy.

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