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Gerhard Plattner proves to be a world champion in economic driving

Most of us might not know the fact that there is economy driving world champion and his name is Gerhard Plattner. He is just kind the guy you need, as a driver with the oil prices running high on your car that has gasoline engines.

The champ from Austria had things in his own world as to drive the Skoda Fabia GreenLine to and from Austria to Denmark on a single tank with the capacity of 45 liters without having to refuel it even once. The distance covered by the eco-friendly car is about 2006 kilometers. This is definitely considered to be remarkable by the company.

The journey of Plattner began on the 10th of May from Austria’s Ruette to reach Denmark’s Bov and then returning back all the way through the distance by the motorways. The engine of Skoda that has a capacity of 1.2 liters has its fuel consumption rating as 2.2 liters/100 km that is equivalent to 106.4 mpg in U.S. terms and 127.8 mpg in U.K. terms. These figures are for the journey that is 2006 kilometers long from Austria to Denmark and back again. The official records of the Fabia GreenLine of Skoda show that figures as 3.4 liters/100 km which is 69.2 miles per gallon in US and 81.3 miles per gallon in U.K as its fuel consumption ratings.

The supervision efforts of the trip were taken care of by the by International Police Motor Corporation (IPMC) which ensured the fuel tank was full on the start of the trip and also made an effort to seal the fuel tank on the start of the journey.

So what was the magic that our champ has followed? The answer is certainly an ‘I don’t know’ from everybody around, if everybody could know, then what is the trick all about? All would be champions otherwise. Our champ has all the reason to keep his secret disclosed.

Plattner’s message on his journey is that even though the fuel consumption is less than the norm, the drivers have their part to play along with its manufactures to reduce the pollution in the environment and thus going eco-friendly. One minute detail he has shared is that is p is to maintain the right pressure in the tires of the car.

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