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General Motors to Facilitate Workplace Charging Points for EVs

Innovations drive in the new streaks, and EVs are the same true example. To charge these electric circuits we need another mode of innovations, as seems from the sales figure of them.

Recently, they had made a lot of haywire in the media of various countries regarding different charging issues but a complete developed infrastructure will lead them to their proper route. It can be understood that they are meant most probably for city rides but an added advantage will be derived if charging stations can be placed all over the map.

GM had come up with such sort of innovative ideas, by promoting work place charging stations. Numbers are expected to rise by ten times in the next half decade.

General Motors to Facilitate Workplace Charging Points for EVs
General is teaming up with another dozen of companies to stand erect on the U.S. Department of Energy’s Workplace Charging Challenge. Some of them form a dozen can be named as Ford, Chrysler, Nissan, Tesla, General Electric and Google.

Mike Robinson, Vice President of General Motors for Sustainability and Global Regulatory Affairs is a lot confident on the Chevrolet Volt. He said that the Volt had made organization to set examples for others by encouraging a thorough support to the market of EVs.

The helping hand of DOE will lend this challenge a technical assistance and a network that will generate new innovations with some igniting sparks.

Lastly, the American based carmaker is ruling with 239 workplace charging points for its very own employees.

We hope that this may leave a lasting impression, that’s because BMW, Toyota and other geniuses are coming up with hydrogen fuel cells to run cars in near future. It is now presently under Mercedes guise but costing factor is quenching it behind. New paperwork throws light on its very bright future that takes very less time to refuel for an ultimate long ride unlikely of some hours taken by EV to go just a maximum limit of around 160 kms.

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