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General Motors planning to bring 500,000 EVs by 2017

GM is planning to go green with the intention to build about 500,000 hybrid or EVs by 2017. This will be including its popular models like Chevy Volt and soon to appear Chevrolet Spark EV.

GM has now considered launching of green vehicles as its global strategy. Some of these cars will be equipped with General Motor’s eAssist systems, which is being used to increase fuel efficiency for fossil fuel cars. This year itself, GM has made sale of about 50,000 vehicles with some form of electrification technology. The eAssist system was fitted in some of the popular models like Buick LaCrosse, Chevrolet Malibu and Buick Regal. The upcoming 2014 Impala will also be featuring the same technology.

General Motors planning to bring 500,000 EVs by 2017

According to GM’s senior VP main concern of the company would be on creating plug-in vehicle as they provide a unique way of traveling for the people, although he didn’t specifically revealed what type of vehicle will be made and their numbers.

Up to now Chevrolet Volt has done quite good for the company in the hybrid market.GM is now hoping to revive the success with the new Chevrolet Spark EV, which is scheduled to be revealed at Los Angeles auto show this month.

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