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Former Porsche Car Designer Hakan Saracoglu to Move to Chery

Former Porsche car designer Hakan Saracoglu has taken up the car designing job in Shanghai, China where he will be seen working for state owned automaker Chery. 47 year old H Saracoglu worked for Ford and then for Porsche for almost 15 years and has designed some of the most elegant designs in the car industry.

Hakan Saracoglu was born in Germany. Among the latest car designs, he contributed in designing the upcoming 918 Spyder along with the newly released Cayman and Boxster.

Chinese automaker Chery is continuously working on improving the car designs and for achieving this purpose, they also made an agreement with Jaguar Land Rover. However, Hakan Saracoglu’s move to Chery is expected to bring some elegance in the car designs of Chery. Chery is known for manufacturing various car models, but QQ minicar is their best manufactured car ever.

Porsche to Chery top designer Hakan Saracoglu

During an interview, H Saracoglu was quoted as saying that Chery is not just QQ. Chery will redefine itself and is aiming at gaining customer confidence with great designs and by creating value.

The 47 year old Hakan, who has worked for Porsche for around fifteen years, is all set to aid Chery swell out from its low-priced legacy.

The work profile of Hakan will comprise heading a thirty men group at the company’s Shanghai based design studio.

“The corporation is delineating itself,” H Saracoglu stated.

“The firm is standing for worth, for design and gaining client assurance. That’s where we wish to reach.”

Hakan, who authoritatively becomes part of Chery as design director during the month of October last year, holds a academic degree in transportation design from the well known Art Centre College of Design in Pasadena, California.

When questioned how much of a pay augmentation Hakan was offered to get out of the German brand, the Turkish-born German national stated, “I can’t remark on that. Let’s say I’m not discontented at all.”

As per the report, Hakan stated that he’d never visited China before.

Chery presently provides the J1, J3 and J11 models in the Australian market.

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