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Ford Makes Plenty of Upgrades in their 2013 Taurus

Preparing for the upcoming summer season, Ford recently announced that it would be making some changes to its range of Taurus models, hoping that the 2013 year model, will be just as appealing for their customers as Ford’s other line up.

The changes seen in the model cover three specific areas. These include connectivity, performance and efficiency. The first two goals were achieved by improving the engine offered with the model. The new Taurus model, will receive, an EcoBoost 2.0 liter engine, a first for a North American model, which is projected at delivering 237 hp and generate 250 pounds feet of torque.

The second engine available in this line up is a V6 3.5 liter engine, which has been tweaked to provide 27 more hp compared to the earlier version, generating a total 290 hp. Like the case of the EcoBoost engine, this unit will too be paired with a six speed automatic transmission. The interior of the new Taurus will feature all of the latest advancements by Ford in both infotainment and connectivity. Some of the main additions include, a new steering wheel which is heated, which will only add to the calming cooled and heated leather seats, mutlicontour seats which have an Active Motion, an exclusive Taurus class feature which will help reduce fatigue for both first row passenger and driver with their subtle massage rolling pattern.

With a single key fob, the Taurus now boasts of a keyless entry. With the key fob Intelligent Access, not only does is the driver able to enter the vehicle with a push-button start, but also start the engine, with it. The Taurus also features an automatic high beam which employs sensor for switching on the headlamps in high beam when there is no oncoming traffic detected. The wipers are rain-sensing. They use an optical sensor for detecting the intensity of snowfall or rain so as to automatically adjust the speed of the wiper.

It also has a camera for rear view which activates whenever you select the reverse gear, which projects via a stack mounted center 8” screen. The rear window is also given a power sunshade. This luxury feature shades the behind glass with a push-button, for keeping the car cabin cooler. Mark Field, the President of Ford’s American division, said that the new Taurus will build on the change which the achieved in their 2010 Taurus. By delivering so many upgrades in such a short time, further underscores their commitment and leadership for delivering fuel-efficient and high quality cars to their customers.

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  1. Being a full-size car, Taurus is going to achieve 30+ gas mileage.. It really caught my eyes. I must say its a good fuel-economy rating…

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