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Ford conquers US Sales by selling 2.2 million new cars in 2012

American carmaker Ford seems to be very much liked by the natives in spite of dwindling economic conditions in US and other parts of Europe, Ford managed to sell 2 million new cars in US alone. The figure reached 2.2 million including the sales of Lincoln. With 2.2 million sales figure Ford stood on the first position. While another American managed to get second 2nd position. No guesses for which one. It is none other than General Motors. GM stood 2nd including sales of Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick and GMC while the third went to Japanese carmaker Toyota. Toyota’s sale also included its Lexus and Scion.

Models such as F-150, Focus, Fusion and Fiesta fought strongly to get Ford the staggering No.1 position.

Ford also claims that three of its models are in the world’s top 10 name plates. It also says that Focus is the best selling model of the world with 737,856 registrations, while F-150 manages to get 4th with 576,339 registrations and Fiesta stood at 5th with 560,061 new units sold.

Ford conquers US Sales by selling 2.2 million new cars in 2012
Ford gives all the credit to its corporate plan which was implemented in the last few years in US. And now it is being followed all over the world. Jim Farley, the VP of Global Marketing/Sales and Service, Ford is extremely excited about the overwhelming sales. He added that 2013 will be more interesting than 2012 because Ford is launching new models of its best sellers viz. Fusion and Focus.

It is clear from the sales figure that America’s very own carmakers Ford and General Motors achieved 1st and 2nd positions respectively, in the US sales chart.

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