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Flex Fuel Efficient, the all new Buick Regal Turbo

So, the latest of news has come right from Buick’s corner. It seems that Buick has planned to introduce something new to its customers every year. In 2011, which is this year itself, Buick will launch its enhanced Buick Regal Turbo. The name sounds ok and there is nothing much attached to it, right? But it’s not what it looks like. Buick has promised that this car is a ‘FF’. I hope you didn’t get me wrong. By FF I mean, this car is Flex Fuel efficient. Flex Fuel makes this car capable to run on both gasoline as well as E85. We know that E85 has not been introduced in the major parts of North America, but that is not our major concern. Our major concern is the very thought that this car will be its first car type, which can handle pure ethanol.

When we say that this car will be E85 efficient, we are talking about its capability to handle pure ethanol i.e. the fuel injectors of this car will have enough flow rate which will provide this car the required capability. But there is one more concern attached to it. When we say that a car is any which way E85 efficient, we are sure that the car’s fuel efficiency is sure to drop. So, is it same with Buick Regal Turbo? But as far as we know, the company has till now not made any remarks about the fuel capacity and fuel efficiency of this car but like we discussed earlier, we are sure that this car’s fuel efficiency will take a dip atleast by 20-30 percent. But right now let’s wait for the company to make an official announcement about its specifications.

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