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Ferrari sourced engines to power Fiat family

Fiat is mulling over expanding its power plant unit, and it includes a Ferrari sourced naturally aspirated engine. According to Italian blog Motori Online, Ferrari will invest a sum of 50 million Euros ($62.2 million) to establish a new facility, producing supercharged V6 and naturally aspirated V8 engines.

Interestingly, Ferrari will be the hub for these new breed of engines, and Fiat will source it in its top-end models from Maserati, Lancia and Alfa Romeo. The bi-turbo V6 is capable of pumping out as much as 450 hp, while the naturally aspirated V8 is good for 500 hp. They will not power any Ferrari range, instead, the next Maserati Quattroporte, Maserati GT and upcoming Maserati Kubang SUV will sport these new breed engines.

Ferrari sourced engines to power Fiat family
Apart from the Maserati portfolio, Fiat will sport these engines in top-end Alfa Romeo models, including the 159 replacement and the full range of Lancia models.

Fiat is aiming to reduce the production cost of engines by providing a central hub for its entire portfolio. Though its produced by the supercar marque Ferrari, it will be tuned to give improved fuel efficiency and cleaner emission figures. Production is slated for 2014, so watch this space for more soon.

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