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Ferrari F70 supercar seen in spy pics

In the passed by days, spy photographers tripped the globe tracking down future vehicles under screening by car manufacturers undercover.

Some of the fearless shooters keep the craft active. But today carmakers have started cutting out the middlemen and just offering up their personal spy shots, taken by their publicity divisions for maximum chitchat.

Here’s the most recent evidence of how far the trend has gone. Close-up pictures of the forthcoming Ferrari F70 supercar – a 900-hp, V-12 hybrid monster – released by the company in its special periodical.

Ferrari F70 supercar seen in spy pics
Decades back, car manufacturers went to extremes to keep facts of fresh models undercover, partially to gin up plot and somewhat to keep clients from retarding their purchases till the time the new vehicle emerged. Before the company rolled out the foremost Mustang on April in the year 1964, Lee Iacocca kept the vehicle’s picture confidential until exposing it in a daylong countrywide advertisement blitz and news push – a trick Steve Jobs and Apple would utilize for innovative handsets decades afterward.

Since the company has settled to make people wait slightly longer by not bringing the latest F70 to the Detroit Auto show, the buffs will just have to be pleased with what inside information the reporters can obtain on the forthcoming supercar.

The buffs can enjoy a series of innovative effigies, exposing a few details of the inside and the vehicle’s carbon monocoque.

The forthcoming vehicle, F70, will be catered by a V-12 engine together with an F1-inspired KERS arrangement, which will draw off a collective 920 horsepower.

It is being said that the Enzo successor will make entry in the market at the Geneva Motor Show, which starts by March next year.

When it lastly reached the market, the novel Ferrari F70 will cost around €1.5 million (approximately $1.9 million at the existing rates of exchange).

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