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Fans comes up with round tail light kit for 2014 Chevrolet Corvette

It is just a matter of time that some person or company will come up with the kit for the new Chevrolet Corvette Stingray that could interchange with the original four round tail light design that the people are accustomed to witness in a Corvette.

While the new C7 Corvette has been universally appreciated, the Camaro inspired tail lights have ignited the controversy.  The first company that came up with the kit to change the tail lights back to the regular four round type is an Italian website.

Chevrolet Corvette Italia is offering a kit that can replace the current square tail lights with the four round lenses that has been lifted directly from its predecessor C6. And to replace the tail lights you will also need to change most of the bumper, so the designers have also revealed new bumper replacement also.

2014 Chevrolet Corvette

If you compare the modified bumper with the old one, it would be interesting to note that the air channel near the tail light has been removed but the diffuser and trunk lid shape still remains the same. However, this change will be surely affect the overall performance of the vehicle, as every part of the C7 design adds to the performance but there are still doubts if such a minor change will be affecting the performance and dynamics readily. The kits designers have also confirmed that the bumper allows for the sufficient airflow but there are still doubts as C7 has yet not out for sale.

In all it seems quite good and we are further looking forward towards other designers to come up with something different. But it is quite sure that this could be one of the popular mod among the buyers. The kit costs about $2,800 but it has not yet been confirmed for production and designers are still waiting for the feedback.

The kit offers you almost everything that you will ever need to modify for convert your Chevrolet Corvette. The kit includes new bumper that has been made from fiberglass, wires, C6 tail lights and bulbs. It also comes with the necessary tools and instructions to assist you with the conversion.

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