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Electric Drive To Be Only Mercedes-Benz B Class Model In U.S. Market

Whilst Mercedes-Benz has made confirmation about the customary A Class and B Class models would not be launched in the United States market, there is a possibility an electric edition of the B Class, exhibited at this year’s Paris Auto Show might just turn up.

In actual fact, there are hums stating that the electric B Class, whose authorized name is B Class Electric Drive, has already been approved for sale in the local market.

As early as January functionaries at Mercedes-Benz were hinting that an edition of the B Class Electric Drive with a different powertrain will be marketed in the United States market. At the time, Mercedes-Benz was testing an extended-series electric drivetrain in the sub-compact multi purpose vehicle.

Electric Drive To Be Only Mercedes-Benz B Class Model In U.S. Market

But, by the month of July, it was inclined that Mercedes-Benz would function jointly with Tesla and build up a pure electric system for the vehicle. Mercedes’ parent firm Daimler is an investor of Tesla and the two companies have already joined forces on electric vehicle plans formerly.

While talking with Car and Driver, a spokesperson for Mercedes-Benz stated that making use of a distinctive body, like that of the B Class, is characteristically more productive for boosting alternative powertrains than just utilizing a conservative model and changing its powertrain.

There has been no revelation of when the electric B Class Electric Drive might hit the US markets, though with its European introduction pegged for early 2013, we’d anticipate a local arrival by 2013 or 2014.

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