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Dirtiest Cars of America 2013

Henry Ford must have been immensely proud to see the range of cars which could be seen on roads nowadays. After all, he was the pioneer who brought the first four-wheeler locomotive and set a benchmark for Ford Motors was back in 1917. But there is one thing which would have certainly bothered him. The modern day vehicles might be exotic and way too expensive then what they used to be, but what they lack is the capability to give a clean performance without putting the environment into jeopardy. The present era encourages the use of alternate fuels for powering vehicles but it seems that gasoline-powered vehicles will move through a longer concourse than their environment-friendly counterparts. The cars which are powered by alternate fuels suck up just 5.7% of the entire energy which is combusted in fuel in order to power most of the light-duty vehicles. Critics are optimistic and extensive research claims that by 2040, this percentage would escalate to 13.7% which still, would be much less than that of vehicles running on gasoline and diesel.

Three of the most polluting fuels used to power automobiles are Gasoline, E65 and Diesel. It is true that electric vehicles do not pollute the atmosphere and are considered as one of the most environment-friendly means to commute but this surely blankets the fact that electricity can be generated from multiple resources such as hydropower, nuclear, wind, coal, solar as well as plenty of other sources which are exploited.

Thus, we have put together a collection of one of America’s most out of the ordinary vehicles which might be exotic but are also termed as one of the dirtiest cars in terms of the adverse impact they cause on the environment. These vehicles are the best of their class and come for an exorbitant price tag only for those who have their pockets overflowing. From performance point of view, these cars might be the ultimate example of craftsmanship and engineering, but most of these cars are powered by Gasoline and diesel or E65 which throws them down in the environment-friendly cars category. In the list below, we be considering 10 cars and will be putting them in the order of their total score which would be the summation of Greenhouse Gas rating, Air Pollution score and Fuel Efficiency (measured in miles per gallon). The vehicle which has more Greenhouse Gas rating will be the cleanest of the lot wit least carbon dioxide escaping from its exhaust tips. In case of Air Pollution score, the categorization will be on the basis of tailpipe emissions for those pollutants which cause the formation of smog.



The fastest car ever made till date, Bugatti Veyron has set a benchmark for itself in the vicious battalion of supercars and is considered as one of the most powerful cars ever made. With an engine that is capable of giving a high power-train along with a mean peak torque value, this bat surely accelerates better than any other cars of its class. For someone who is a racing aficionado, this is something that usually is worth dreaming. But what it lacks is the concern for the environment as a car like Bugatti Veyron can hardly give an appreciable mileage owing to the amount of fuel its engine consumes to function. It might be able to accelerate from 0-100 Km/hr in less than 3 seconds and can surely attain a speed of 350 Km/hr, but when it comes to mileage, it can never take the pole position. Additionally, emits pollutants and contributes to the concentration of greenhouse gases. The makers must consider a model of Veyron that runs on alternate fuel.

SCORECARD (Total = 13)

Air Pollution Score = 2          Fuel Efficiency = 10          Greenhouse Gas rating = 1



It comes from the house of one of the most prominent automobile companies. Ever since Ferrari started bringing its masterpieces made in Maranello to the world, everyone has been in awe of them. Ferrari means a supercar and very seldom have we come across a Ferrari which looks more like a hatchback. This is where FF model comes into picture. Elegantly designed, this one bears all the features of a Ferrari but the only difference is that it is covered till the end rather than the usual Ferrari designs. Ferrari FF comes laden with a powerful engine which has the capability of giving out a diabolic rate of maximum power as well as peak torque. This engine helps it to accelerate from 0-100 Km/hr in around 3.5 seconds but it also means that the fuel consumption of FF is not good. The rate at which its engine pulls fuel is quite high but on the contrary, it gives an appreciable mileage. The rate of emissions is the same as that of Bugatti Veyron which hardly brings any points to its Greenhouse Gas rating.

SCORECARD (Total = 17)

Air Pollution Score = 3          Fuel Efficiency = 13          Greenhouse Gas rating = 1



Maserati Quattroporte might not be near to Ferrari but then it has a charm of its own. In terms of fuel efficiency, it is better than Ferrari FF and much better than Bugatti Veyron. Maserati has made its presence felt in United States and comes in the top cars but then, Ferraris definitely have always fared better. It pushes out relatively less amount of air pollutants which lead to the formation of smog. Sports cars usually garner a high rate of greenhouse gases and in this case, Maserati Quattroporte is no different as its emission rate of pollutants is the same as that of other sports cars of its category. Thus, these cars might be exotic and one of the highly-priced ones, but these are probably the dirtiest cars as well. The emission rate of greenhouse gases in these types of vehicles is much more than what it is in any other automobile. Thus, Maserati Quattroporte might be having a better mileage than Ferrari FF and Bugatti Veyron, but that does not blanket the fact that it has the same emission rate of greenhouse gases as any other car.

SCORECARD (Total = 19)

Air Pollution Score = 4          Fuel Efficiency = 14          Greenhouse Gas rating = 1



It is Chevrolet’s most revered SUV and has been running on American roads for over a decade now. Chevrolet Suburban is known for its ergonomics as well as spacious interiors. Chevrolet is considered as one of the largest producers of automobiles in the fleet of automobile companies which come under General Motors. It has been in US since last decade and Suburban has stood up to be one of the most appreciated SUVs used by various security agencies which require heavy-duty vehicles. There are many vehicles of this class above which Suburban stands up but the only repercussion attached to it is that Suburban is not exactly friendly with the environment. Chevrolet Suburban emits more greenhouse gases than most of the other SUVs which fall in its class and this is what throws down the Greenhouse Gas rating of the car to a great extent. Though it gives a commendable mileage for any Sports Utility Vehicle, when it comes to pollutants, it gives itself away. Thus, those who have a fetish for Sports Utility Vehicles but are concerned regarding environment might not prefer to shell out on this one.

SCORECARD (Total = 19)

Air Pollution Score = 4          Fuel Efficiency = 12          Greenhouse Gas rating = 3


MERCEDES BENZ S600 The S Class of Mercedes is known for its epitome of elegance and luxury. S600 is a saloon class model which comes equipped with cutting edge technology and the interiors are one of the best that any luxury sedan can boast about. Mercedes Benz has a legacy of its own. We all know that Mercedes Benz was one of the first to bring out luxury vehicles and has been setting a benchmark ever since. Mercedes Benz S600 is known to give good fuel efficiency along with a very balanced performance. The amount of pollutants from its tail is much lesser than that of the previous cars which is the reason why it fares well. Also, it emits less greenhouse gases than most of the sports cars available in the market. Mercedes Benz S600 is probably the car which has maximum emission rate of greenhouse gases than any other Mercedes. Mercedes Benz nowadays has taken up initiative of producing cars which are environment-friendly and is still trying to make a mark in this field.

SCORECARD (Total = 21)

Air Pollution Score = 5          Fuel Efficiency = 14          Greenhouse Gas rating = 2



Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 might undoubtedly be one of the most stylish sports cars from the house of General Motors but its emission rate of Greenhouse gases is almost the same as that of Mercedes Benz S600. Chevrolet Camaro being a sports car has a powerful engine which demands a high flow of fuel. Camaro basically runs on gasoline or diesel both of which are high-level pollutants of atmosphere as they release lots of greenhouse gases upon combustion. Chevrolet has come up with its own electric vehicle which has received a very warm response from environmental activists as it has very less amount of emissions, but for those who prefer style and performance over environment, Camaro ZL1 is one of the most preferable choices. Camaro got a grand welcome when it made its mark in the industry few years back and it was considered as Chevrolet’s trump card in the market. The designing of the car is something that would strike a chord with the youth. But such a car does come with a hefty price tag and additionally, it does not score that well when it comes to analyzing the amount of pollutants that escape from its exhaust.

SCORECARD (Total = 21)

Air Pollution Score = 5          Fuel Efficiency = 14          Greenhouse Gases rating = 2


CADILLAC CTS-V SEDANIt has not been long since Cadillac entered the market but the way in which it made its presence felt in America shows how much they are being followed by automobile enthusiasts. Cadillac CTS-V Sedan carries a stylish design with advanced ergonomics which give the car a good handling with a fine acceleration rate. It is capable of attaining high speeds at which the car tends to remain stable. There are lots of other vehicles which are arch-rivals of Cadillac but out of them, Cadillac is more revered owing to its commendable fuel efficiency. It gives a good mileage of 14 miles on a single gallon of fuel which is much better than that of Ferrari and Bugatti. As per the design of the car, it is more stylish than any other car of its class with perfect front as well as rear fascia. Additionally, the side profile and alloy wheels add to the sportiness of the car altogether. A lot of cars come but it is hard to run a car on alternate fuel than gasoline or diesel. E65 is also equally harmful as a fuel.

SCORECARD (Total = 21)

Air Pollution Score = 5          Fuel Efficiency = 14          Greenhouse Gases rating = 2



Once again Mercedes Benz is in the list and this time the limelight is falling upon C63 AMG. This one has the performance which somewhat matches that of the flagship supercar SLS AMG Coupe known to be one of the most powerful Mercedes Benz supercars ever made. C63 comes with a commanding and powerful engine that is capable of doling out a high rate of maximum power. Additionally, the rate of torque is also high in sync with the peak power. This means that the efficiency of fuel has to be good in order to support the fuel intake system of the engine. C63 AMG gives an impressive fuel efficiency of 15 miles per gallon which is something that any sports car would hardly be capable of giving. This car promises to be one of the most revered cars in the history of Mercedes and it fares much better than that of most of the other Mercedes cars. But when it comes to Carbon Dioxide emissions, C63 AMG does not sound promising. Even if it has lesser greenhouse gas emissions than other cars of its category, C63 still has a long way to go in order to be called as environment-friendly.

SCORECARD (Total = 23)

Air Pollution Score = 5          Fuel Efficiency = 15          Greenhouse Gases rating = 3



It is known as one of the most pioneering examples of fine engineering and craftsmanship. Mercedes SLS AMG Coupe is certainly a head-turner as it fulfils all the desires of someone who aspires for a car which is aerodynamically designed to cheat any resistance from the air and has one of the meanest engines pumped beneath its hood. The engine gives an immense boost to the car and helps it to accelerate like a bat straight out of hell. The maximum power value is better than any other Mercedes supercar and same goes with the peak value of torque. SLS AMG might surely be one of the most powerful cars ever made but every car comes with its own repercussions. And the primary repercussion attached to Mercedes SLS AMG Coupe is that it is not as environment-friendly as one would expect it to be. Maybe it fares well over the other cars in the list above but Mercedes SLS AMG Coupe also resorts in high emission of greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide.

SCORECARD (Total = 23)

Air Pollution Score = 5          Fuel Efficiency = 15          Greenhouse Gases rating = 3



It has a reason to be on the top of the list. Mercedes Benz E63 surely deserves to be the best owing to the fact that it gives a very balanced amount of greenhouse gas emissions especially carbon dioxide. This ensures that the contribution of the vehicle to greenhouse gases remains low. Additionally E63 AMG Wagon gives a fuel efficiency of 18 miles per gallon which is much better than any of the other vehicles which have been discussed in the list above.

SCORECARD – (Total = 28)

Air Pollution Score = 6          Fuel Efficiency = 18          Greenhouse Gases rating = 4

Thus, what we saw above is a list of ten cars which are high on greenhouse gas emissions even if they might be the best cars in terms of design as well as performance. But when it comes to environment, these cars fail to put resistance to greenhouse gases and instead, contribute to them in a wide manner. It does not matter how good they perform, but what matters is that the car should be environment-friendly and at the same time, give a commendable performance on road.

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