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Diesel And Hybrid Sales Up For 2012

When gas prices increase, sales follow particularly sales of hybrid and diesel vehicles. Sales of diesel cars have increased by 35% in the first quarter of this year, as per the data accumulated by Baum and Associates and www.hybridcars.com. On the other hand, sales of hybrid vehicles have been increased as well. This January saw 11.4% increase, March saw 39.6% and February saw 55.4%. Sales of gasoline vehicles were up by 10% in January.

Audi announced that it will be marketing diesel variants of the A8, the Q5 sport utility vehicle and the A6 in 2013 in United States. In addition, the A4 diesel saloon may be introduced in 2013 or 2014.

Diesel And Hybrid Sales Up For 2012

Chrysler will be launching the variant of diesel Grand Cherokee in the next couple of years, alongside possibly other Jeeps and Dakota pickup trucks.

The American automaker, Ford will be providing a large diesel-powered, Transit, while GM will be offering Cadillac ATS; the Mazda and diesel will be the first Asian manufacturing company for bringing a diesel to America.

Mercedes Benz has offered its BlueTec line for a while, while VW will be adding Beetle to its diesel range.

All of these aspects seem to be slowly changing the public opinion of American on diesel. With new federal efficiency laws and fossil-fuel supply waning taking hold, gas prices unavoidably are going up even more.

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