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Democrats against Army being part of NASCAR

I’m sure many of the people are not aware that even the US Army takes part in the NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) event. Yeah, believe it or not they do take part. US Army have their own team which takes part in this huge event. But the reason is not winning; I mean if they won then it is obviously good but then their main priority is to reach out to the young and dynamic blood. Yes, by taking part in the NASCAR they want to attract attention towards the army and promote it as a career. So, you see it is a recruitment stunt. Anyways, the problem is that the democrats somehow don’t like this. Ok not somehow, they don’t like it even a bit.

Reason being that according to Democrats, the US army is doing nothing more than wasting million of rupees in this activity which is nothing more than an irritating piece of entertainment. According to the McCollum’s chief of staff Bill Harper, “Army is supposed to be in the business of fighting war rather than sponsoring for the race car in such an event”. Being a Democrat from Minnesota, Mr Harper also quoted that last year, the US army spent more than $7 million which was way less than a humongous amount of $ 11 million they spent in the year 2009. Besides US Army also spent $5 million on some other event of drag racing as well.

The reason for such an outburst of the Democrats against the US Army’s sponsorship for the NASCAR maybe because that Marines, Coast Guard, and US Navy took back their sponsorships in the same event some five years ago which is in contrast to the US Army. To add to this, these democrats also say that the army knows well  how to attract recruitment, they don’t need to advertise. The one who wants to join the army will probably anyways join it rather than waiting for the next year’s NASCAR event.

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