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Commercial: Ford Fiesta wins over Lamborghini Gallardo

Just on the basis of arguments that are not worth a buck, the two cars Ford Fiestas and Lamborghini Gallardo are purchased by people with various perspectives. But here the discussion is based on the objectives of the car.

The cost of Fiesta from Fiesta which is sized in a compact manner is just around $13000 and, that of luxury car of the Lords; Lamborghini Gallardo is more than $200,000. Both these cars have the objectives to reach a destination and these cars are designed so as to reach their destination.

Viral Marketing Group of Ford has come up with a crazy commercial of an objective comparison between both these cars. The host Brittani Taylor gives all hypes to Ford Fiesta dumping the luxury car. The final shots of the video declare Ford Fiesta to be better than the luxury Lamborghini Gallardo for the obvious silly reasons. Worth the laugh, so watch the video.

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