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Cinqueporte may be the name of Maserati’s SUV

We already had the dope that the new SUV from Maserati would sooner than later be in the market. Well, this article isn’t about the launch of this vehicle but rather about its name. The test name that Maserati have put up for this vehicle is Kubang and while we are certain that Maserati would rather prefer some Italian name for their vehicle rather than some Indonesian wind’s name, a new name has surfaced for the Kubang.

Our sources say that recently Maserati have registered the name Cinqueporte and this means a car having 5 doors. If memory serves right,

the name of Maserati’s first touring car is Quattroporte which means 4 door car. Maserati have taken lock and barrel from their Jeep Cherokee ownings. The engine is the only thing which would be non-American and would instead be a 4.7 liter V8 one borrowed from the likes of Ferrari, another Fiat owned unit. Most likely, this vehicle would be assembled in US with inputs chipping from the rest of the world. As far as we know, Maserati have already started trial runs of the Kubang nee Cinqueporte. Maserati does hope of having good sales from their SUV just like the way Porsche did with their Cayenne.

Cinqueporte may be the name of Maserati's SUV

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