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Chrysler sues Clothing Retailer for using the same slogan

The Chrysler Group has sued a three store clothing retailer named ‘Pure Detroit’, this brand is known for selling locally inspired merchandise. The reason behind this act by the company is the fact that this retail shop has used their slogan “Imported from Detroit” in a Super Bowl commercial that featured the rapstar Eminem.

The company officials seized this opportunity to usurp Chrysler’s goodwill among the mass and to exploit the company’s investments for itself. The company claims that the retail brand has stolen the tagline and used it for goods that Chrysler has a trademark application to, clothes. Thereby falsely promoting themselves as making headline across America, this retailer has made huge number of sales.

Officials from Chrysler had tried reasoning with Pure Detroit to stop the issue going to the court but then they had to go on as the company received no acknowledgement. Speculations were that this matter could look like a David vs. Goliath situation at the courtroom with the Chrysler Company demanding Pure Detroit to donate a part of their profits by this label to charity.

The Chrysler Company blog said that the retailer had agreed to stop sales of all clothing items of that label by the 24th of Feb, however reports were that this label was available on sale in few stores till the 1st of March.

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