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Chevrolet’s Corvette models for 2012 reveals diffident upgrades

Chevrolet all set to improve the performance of Corvette for the model year 2012 with a pack of enhancements, which will offer better performance on track and on the roads. A fine line of improvements are to be made for the Z06 as well as the ZR1 models, while the upgrades for a modest interiors and equipments are for the Corvette range.

Zero Pressure tires that are of the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup comes as an new option with the 2012MY that is already available with the Z06 that has a horse power of 500 and ZR1 which has a horse power of 638. The tires that are oriented to the competitions hold promises on better performance at the corners and portray the capacity to handle during the hot and dry conditions. It is quoted by Michelin that the combined efforts of PTM or Performance Traction Management  technology is to provide an eight percent gain on the lateral acceleration and provides abilities to brake at short distances.

The performance package Z07 for the Z06 Corvette, performance package available on the PDE for the ZR1 that is new has the new Michelins as an option. Brand new Aluminum cup style radials are being used for the tires which can be satin black or machine finish look that weighs about 2.2kg or 5 lbs lesser and is more durable than that of the 20 spoke radial.

One more upgrade is the style of the spoiler which is of the racing type in both the packages of Z07 and PDE. Suspension technology called Ride Control which is of the magnetic selective comes along with the brakes made of carbon ceramic that is Brembo for the ZO7 package of Z06.The options that are available in addition to the standards include a hood made of carbon fiber with the Z06 models and gears that are taller with the ZR1 for the gears 5th and 6th. This option is for an improvement of 2-mpg fuel economy in the highways.

The seating in the 2012 Corvette range are all said to be new along with the designs of the steering wheels. The company says that larger bolsters are included for better lateral support and would also offers the microfiber suede inserts as an option. All models are to sport new color contrast stitches that will sport a padded armrest and center console.

The equipments that are supported by the Corvette will be a Bose audio system that has nine speaker fine tuned for acoustics of the cabin. The trim level that is 2LT is said to sport a Technology Package which is new that will include the head-up display, navigation, premium audio system by Bose, a USB port and wireless phone connectivity using Bluetooth. The customers also get a chance to choose the color of the brake caliper which comes as yellow, red, gray or silver.

Chevrolet is to reveal the models of 2012 Corvette models along with the Centennial Edition of Cheverolet at the National Corvette Museum on a special event at the last weekend of April located at Bowling Green, Kentucky. The productions are to start by June.

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