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Chevrolet Suburban SUV crashed the Italian super car with no serious injury

Car crashes are always bad but luckily not this time with an accident where three vehicles were involved. From the news reports from The Daily News, it was said that 1987 Chevrolet Suburban SUV that carried a driver, his wife and two children were travelling towards the west on FM 517. The driver overlooked the traffic red signal and crashed on the Ferrari from California on the junction of intersection. It so happened that the super car from Italy which is the Ferrari was crushed between the Ford pickup truck from the south and the Chevy.

The driver of Ferrari was freed by the volunteer firefighters from the wreckage. The Ferrari driver who was 71 was rushed to the hospital only with minor injuries. The Chevy driver who caused the crash along with his wife and children were taken to the nearby medical branch for pre cautionary measures for medical examination. All ended up well.

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