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Chevrolet brings out a Malibu Sedan with a global appeal for the Global consumer

A photo of the brand new  Chevrolet Malibu show car has been released. It is the first ever official photo of the car. It will be launched at the same time at the Auto Show at Shanghai in China and the New York International Auto Show during the mid of April. The all new Malibu has a global appeal. So it has made way in an auto show in China unlike its predecessor which was available only in North America. The fresh Malibu will be will be marketed in about a hundred countries covering six continents. It is manufactured from several units including one in China and two units in United States.

The new Malibu aims at making the Chevrolet brand a global name. It is out here to reach out to the global consumers as stated by the vice president of Chevrolet Rick Scheidt. Malibu has been designed to suit the usage profile in any country of the world. Whether it is bought by a consumer in North America or South America, Europe or Asia, Africa or Australia it will not fail to serve their purpose all over the world.

A photo of the fresh Malibu model’s backside divulges the Camaro-esque taillights in square shape and substantiates the original designs that were displayed by the company about a year ago. The GM was quoted saying that the brand new model is not too huge nor too small. It has been given such a novel look so as to attract people all over the world. Though global in look its driving capacities have European influence.

The engine lineup is built to vary in different markets but fuel efficiency and a superb four-cylinder engine and six-speed transmissions will be common characteristic. Buyers should also be surprised to see a 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline and a hybrid variation will soon be available.

The newcomer will be out in the market by 2013. More official details will be disclosed on April 18.

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