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Change in SAAB CEO

Spyker Cars NV, the Dutch auto company declared on Friday Saab Automobile’s CEO and President, Jan Ake Jonsson has stepped down from his designation. Until a successor is chosen for the company the position will be taken temporarily by Spyker Automobile’s President and CEO Victor Muller.

The man is 59 and has been employed at the Saab Company for around 40 years. He has been given credit for saving the company when the Detroit car manufacturer decided to shut down the company. He says that of the last 6 years as the head of Saab Company the last three have been extremely busy and full of work for him, now he feels that he can look forward to many other things that were on hold because of him being occupied by the Saab Company’s duties.

Victor Muller is leaving the brand from Sweden at the time of the company’s making of a model of cars on common platform architecture named Phoenix. Next year will see the first models of this car. He believes that Saab Automobiles has actually come a long way in terms of growth and selling, the company’s next generation models are expected to provide further platform to the company in the world of business.

The man does believe that the former CEO has played an important role in making the company an independent automaker and providing it a respectable position. He believes that Jonsson was doing one of the most difficult jobs in Sweden and is grateful for the fact that he has distributed his knowledge to the Management team of the company.

This announcement for resignation arrived on the same day as the company incurred losses of $309million. Spyker was to sell its non Saab sportscars to a Russian businessman named Vladimir Antonov. Company claims that 2011 will also be year that the company will suffer losses though 2012 will bring in the profits for the organization.

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