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Chances of return of the Saturn plant for GM

To add more workers to their fold, the United Auto Workers are trying to talk things out with General Motors to reopen two new factories. Reports say that the United Auto Workers will try and cite the reason of addition of new product assembly lines for reopening the Saturn plant which is located at Spring Hill along with the company’s closed factory located at Janesville.

These negotiations are the first that are taking place by the United Auto Workers and the Big Three since General Motors and Chrysler filed for bankruptcy in 2009. If this deal is finalized by the company then consumers might get to see units rolling out of these factories after around a year.

The Saturn plant was formed in 1990 and was in action till 2007, it built most of the company’s sedans, wagons and crossovers. The plant has also served production purposes for a few of Chevrolet models like the Chevrolet Traverse, this plant at the present day manufactures stamps panels and engines for various GM products.

With the new wage concession measures that have been accepted by General Motors and the United Auto Workers, the company might want to reopen the factory as there is a steady increase in the demand of new vehicles. Because of disagreements between the company and United Auto Workers regarding wages, the 2012 Chevrolet Sonic had to be manufactured at the Michigan plant as these wages could only be feasible for building such small cars in America.

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