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James Bond To Ditch Aston Martin For Fiat 500 In Next Movie

Fiat, Latest News
Article by Hamza Ansari
James Bond’s remarkable Aston Martin will soon be a history in the upcoming flick, reported a source. Fiat 500 would make its way there! The MI6 secret agent used to like Aston Martin DB5 a lot and that’s the reason he was seen flaunting it in most of the movies. But sources from Italy had came close to the saying that Fiat 500 is will be used for filming the chase scene in Vatican city for which the shoot may commence in February or March 2015. Believably, we think it’s going to be the Aston Martin only that may see the replacement, the Daniel Craig and his identification saying of “Bond. James Bond” must not be amended. Behind the camera, it’s Sam Mendes to direct this 24th movie [...]

Top 10 Affordable Sports Cars For 2014

Chevrolet, Fiat, Ford, Hyundai, Mazda, Subaru
Article by Hamza Ansari
The need of sports car is almost fuelled only when the chunk of money remains lying idle in the bank account. Here in US, there are several options which can be afforded even when one doesn’t have the money equivalent to the cost of a used Ferrari. Hey, that doesn’t means the performance is compromised. Listed out ten of them will set back the hair for a not so huge packet. Read on to find more… 2014 Ford Mustang – MSRP $22,510 The true American legacy of a sports car cannot be completed without Mustang. Here, appearing first on the list, the fastest American Horse grosses chart at MSRP $22,510. A fortifying 3.7 liter V6 of 305 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque is enough to surpass [...]

Top 10 Cars For First-Time Jobholders

BMW, Chevrolet, Fiat, Honda, Kia, Latest News, Mercedes, Nissan, Toyota
Article by Hamza Ansari
First full-time job is an important milestone on life’s road. A new car is often one of the first purchases made by someone entering the job market. Just as your career choice is a part of the fabric of who you are as a person, so, too, is the make and model of the car you drive. We’ve made our choices to appeal to new jobholders in a range of professions. Check it out… Nissan Versa Sedan – Best for Teacher Teachers are the unsung heroes of our day. Though many of the jobs in this field are neither glamorous nor high paying, the profession itself is of vital importance to our progress as a species. As the least expensive new car on the market, the Versa is budget-friendly [...]

Highlights: Fiat-Chrysler’s Five-Year Product Plan

Chevrolet, Ferrari, Fiat, Jeep, Latest News
Article by admin
Newly merged Fiat Chrysler revealed its much awaited 5-year plan yesterday, with Sergio Marchionne, Chief Executive Officer under pressure to show he can translate years of canny dealmaking into a thriving international autos business. Here are the highlights so far: Jeep Global Jeep sales seen rising to 1.9 million vehicles by 2018 from 732,000 in 2013 The automaker says on track to achieve 1 million Jeep sales in 2014 Says Jeep manufacturing to expand to ten facilities in six nations, including China and Brazil, from current four American plants Mike Manley, Jeep brand boss said: “Brazil and China are forecast to symbolize 32% of the international sports utility vehicle market, and today [...]

Fiat’s Godzilla Commercial Debuts

Fiat, Latest News
Article by admin
Leading up to the 16th May, 2014, release of Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ hugely anticipated epic action adventure, Godzilla, Fiat Brand North America introduces a new commercial across television on 5th May. The 30-second spot features Godzilla ramping through an American city, targeting anyone driving a Fiat vehicle. The visual effects were created by the MPC (Moving Picture Company), a Canadian visual effects house, the team responsible for bringing Godzilla to life in the movie, who achieve the same level of dramatic impact and cinematic finish in the spot. The commercial begins airing across television with a special extended “Director’s Cut” available for viewing [...]
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