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Mercedes-Benz Will Find A Market For Convertible SUV

Latest News, Mercedes
Article by admin
After Range Rover Evoque, Mercedes seems also eyeing the same segment with rumours already started sprouting out of the bay. A reputed source from Australia confirmed that Benz said they are on the lookout of market that would enjoy their open-top SUV. In a special interview with the source, Wolf-Dieter Kurz, Vice President, Sportscar and SUVs, Mercedes-Benz reported the maker is eventually zeroing on a market that would enjoy the open-top SUVs. The plan is tricky, as he said Chinese aren’t the big fans of convertibles. The G-Class convertible was laid off the production for some reasons in demand from the market, and also issues related to the production. However, he claimed to better wait [...]

Volkswagen Group Begins Testing Carbon Fiber Wheels

Latest News, Volkswagen
Article by Hamza Ansari
Carbon fiber taken over almost every niche substance of the cars and car’s garage, mass car buyers who were deprived of that will soon get to feast upon it – thanks to Volkswagen Group. ThyssenKrupp Carbon Components and Maxion Wheels have came together to put up the things in perspective right as per the vision of a low-profile carmaker. They have vowed to bring to market the new ultra-lightweight carbon fiber and aluminum hybrid wheels for maximum number of automakers who cater to mass segment. However, one can find such wheels on expensive vehicles, which means they are proven successful to a larger extent. Deploying them on the smaller vehicles will help to save the weight by 40% approximately [...]

2016 BMW 7-Series Touring Rendered

BMW, Latest News
Article by Hamza Ansari
Followed by the unveiling of new 2016 7-Series, an artist aptly drawn the rendering of its Touring version. The artist used 750Li xDrive trim to put down his imaginations. As one can see, the car if went into the Touring variant it may get ample of space inside the cabin. Disappointingly, it isn’t going to hit the production bay, as the maker is quite precise about the new 7, where it even said of dropping the M7 from the list, how come such a car would make to the sales floor. Hence, just in case, if by any chance BMW will aim to produce the Touring for handful of buyers, imagine the space it will boast inside. Furthermore, do imagine the road presence when it will take over the roads. Thus, [...]

Most Outrageous SUVs Ever Built

Fiat, Ford, Latest News, Mercedes, Volkswagen
Article by admin
Days are gone when the off-roader and SUV were meant only for farm equipments. Now, with the change in perception people had preferred driving them from city to racetracks, but here, we still hold the roots back and dug out the most outrageous off-roader ever built. Conquest Knight XV Conquest Knight XV is just an answer for those who wish to make the Hummer turn its face down in shame. Adding on, the 400bhp from its engine makes it a better commander on any field. Ford F-150 RaptorTrax Ford F-150 Raptor is actually from the pickup segment, but for us its no short of a SUV for doing the task. To prove that, RaptorTrax is able to eat anything thrown at it, even in the snow. Volkswagen Amarok [...]

Fiat Announces To Unveil 500 Facelift On July 4, 2015

Fiat, Latest News
Article by Hamza Ansari
The cool and natty car of Fiat that goes easy on corners and on parking space has fallen quite old in the tooth. Fiat thinking alike us had already developed the facelift version, but turns a bit shy of revealing it right away. Though, some last minute changes are expectedly going on at the backend. Thus, for the final cut, its admirers need to wait until July 4, 2015, says Fiat. Apart from changed bumpers, we don’t believe a sea of change may storm it, the reason as everyone loved its retro-modern appeal. Changing that completely will turn off the oomph factor for buyers. On inside, one can expect the new air vents, infotainment system, new color trims for the refreshment. Adding some logic [...]
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