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Cadillac Building a Limited Edition CTS-V Coupe

Cadillac appended a pair of limited version CTS cars to its array on last Friday. The new members that will join the vehicle’s color list comprise Silver Frost and Stealth blue.

As per reports, only 100 Silver Frost CTS-V cars will be fabricated with the low-sheen matte look whilst the innovative blue will also emerge on the V sedan as well as wagon.

The report added that the Silver Frost CTS-V vehicle will hit the markets by the coming month (March 2013).

The shade will only appear on the performance-tailored ‘V’ cars boasting traits like colored Brembo brake calipers, high refined or satin wheels and suede leather casing for the inner side.

The report also said that a novel Cadillac CTS is likely to make entry at the forthcoming New York Automobile Show; unique versions are a widespread approach for auto makers to safeguard curiosity in a retiring model before revamped cars are obtainable for sale.

Cadillac CTS-V Silver Frost

The company stated that the finish was comprehended by putting on a thirty gloss clear paint, in place of an eighty gloss detected in normal finishes. The paint will still produce a low flash but the finish will be definitely matte.

The company also said that possessors would not have to considerably diverge from their standard paint preservation, though they do note that the finish has to be washed by hand in place of with the help of as machine.

Moreover, it also can not be polished, and if germs or liquid get on the cover, they should be took out without any difficulty.

Cadillac CTS-V Silver Frost Back View

The Stealth blue cover will be presented the CTS vehicle and all CTS-V cars, with a limited run commencing by the coming month (March 2013). The blue is a normal finish shade, needing no extraordinary heed.

Clients will be capable of placing orders for the new color patterns at franchises starting this spring.

Mr. Michelle Killen, lead creative designer for exterior paints, stated, “A few color shades, such and blues, greys and reds effortlessly recognize with recital and rapidity.”

“Both Stealth Blue and Silver Frost are really significant but still true to the lavishness and individuality that a Cadillac symbolizes that was a driving aspect in the formation of the color,” Mr. Michelle Killen added up.

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