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Bruno Senna driving a F1 car one Handed while filming with the other hand

The cluster of the race car drivers is unbelievably witty. This time it’s the A F1 Car driver Senna. The Formula 1 driver from Brazil and the nephew of the world champ for three times of the Formula One Ayrton Senna who is none other than Bruno Senna looked for some action as he tries to drive the Formula One car single handedly and filming with his camera phone on the other hand. The video shows that he is behind the wheels of the new Renault R30 which is of 2400 cc on the tracks of the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps at Belgium.

The video is funny to watch with the sound tracks to feature the ones of all F1 cars of today. Thoughts on the video of driving the F1 car single handedly does not seem right but he had his senses on the right places as to direct his much younger fans in the right path with the advice as the end of the video stating the usage of phones is not allowed while driving.

On considering the fact that he is a professional and is in a protected environment, the stunt is totally fine. Checking out the video for you is a better option before the hearsays.

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