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BMW recalls 7-Series sedans over electronic transmission control system glitch

A glitch in the electronic transmission control system forced BMW to recall thousands of 7-Series sedans.

The luxury car maker has announced that it was recalling 45,500 7-Series cars around the world to fix a potential glitch that can cause the vehicles to roll away even after being parked.

The company also announced that the issue affects 7-Series models manufactured between 2005 and 2008 model years that comes equipped with BMW smart key system called “Comfort Access.” Cars equipped with this system have an electronic link between the gear shifter and transmission that mechanically shifts the gearbox into park when the driver shuts the engine off.

BMW recalls 7-Series sedans over electronic transmission control system glitch
If the driver of the car presses the Start/Stop button 2-3 times, the glitch can cause the system to shift into neutral rather than park.

Usually, the ignition interlock system prevents the key from being removed in case the car isn’t in park. But, if the driver makes use of the proximity key function of the Comfort Access, it prevents him/her from leaving the parked car with the key when the transmission is in neutral. In case the gearbox is left in neutral but the parking brake is not set, the vehicle can roll away after being parked.

Owners of the affected car will be notified about the recall from next month.

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