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BMW Recalls 2011 X3 for Defective Steering Sensor

Only last week, the BMW X5 2011 model was called back due to a potential failure of the steering wheel because of a defective belt tensioner. Now another 2011 BMW model has been recalled, this time the X3. The recall was due to a defective steering position sensor.

Unlike the diesel X5’s mechanical issue, the problem in the X3 models is an electronic one. The steering position sensor place in the EPS is mis-calibrated because of supplier error that could result in error code, disabling the system of EPS. This could cause the EPS to fail, and even after restarting and functioning normally, it could fail again. Without the power steering assist, it could become difficult to control the vehicle and could result in an accident.

The vehicles faced with this problem are all X3 models manufacturer from April 27 to June 8, 2011. This problem can be fixed easily. The company will replace the cars EPS system without charge at their dealerships from this month onwards. Owners who are affected will be informed by month end; however those who think they their vehicle is affected with the same issue can contact their nearest BMW dealer or the NHTSA hotline.

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