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BMW looking towards De Tomaso brand

It is still not clear why BMW is showing interest in the De Tomaso, but Audi’s ownership of Lamborghini and the brand recognition for the Italian automaker in the US might have initiated BMW’s interest.

Earlier this year, attempt was made to revive the brand and build a 5-meter long V6 luxury SUV that could have been based around the part aluminum structure. The new vehicle was scheduled to build in ex-Prininfarina factory but the plan collapsed.

De Tomaso was started in Modena 1959 by Alejandro de Tomaso. The brand built its first car, the little ford powered Vallelunga, which was soon followed by more powerful Mangusta and Pantera, both of them powered by tough Ford V8 engines.

BMW looking towards De Tomaso brand

The Pantera was built from over 20 years in diminishing numbers. The company also later introduced two luxury saloons, the Longchamp and the Deauville. Between 1976 and 1993, De Tomaso owned Maserati by taking over from Citroen.

There were several attempts made to revive the brand but all failed. The Guara mid-engine coupe and roadster were produced in small numbers. The Bigua Coupe, which was styled by Marcello Gandini morphed into Qvale Mangusta, before it was sold to MG Rover in 2001 to be redesigned as MG XPower SV.

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